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Your Guide to Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for visual correction.  Whether making the switch from glasses or from other types of contact lenses, many people have found that the convenience and health benefits of single-use contact lenses make them an appealing option.  What is it about these contact lenses that make them a popular choice among patients and eye care professionals alike? Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Special About Daily Disposable Lenses?

Daily disposable lenses are single-use contacts that utilize a one-day wear schedule.  In the morning, a fresh pair of contact lenses is put on; these lenses are then disposed of at the end of the day.  The daily wear schedule of these lenses differs from many other contact lens options on the market, such as two-week or monthly lenses, which are worn for extended time periods.  The short-term daily use of these lenses provide an added health benefit for contact lens wearers: by disposing of contact lenses each night, there is no opportunity for proteins, bacteria, or lipids to build up on the lenses and cause irritation or increase the risk of infection.  Additionally, because these lenses don’t need to be stored overnight in a contact lens case, there is a decreased risk of case-associated contamination. Beyond carrying significant health benefits, daily contact lenses have an added benefit of convenience. They eliminate the need for daily cleaning, making the process of putting in and taking contact lenses quicker and easier.  Additionally, due to their short-term use, these lenses do not require the purchase of contact lens solution for storage or cleaning. The ease of putting in fresh new contact lenses instead of thoroughly cleaning and safely storing the same pair for an extended time makes these contacts a very appealing option for those with a busy lifestyle. 

Daily Disposable Lenses for Dry Eye

The added health benefits of daily disposable contact lenses also make them a beneficial option for those who suffer from dry eye disease.  Without proteins or lipids building up on the lenses, these contacts eliminate the source of discomfort that many dry eye sufferers associate with contact lens wear.  Some brands of daily contact lenses are made with silicone-based hydrogel, which helps retain water content and allows the eye to continue to feel nourished throughout the day.  If you suffer from dry eye disease, and have found it difficult to successfully wear contact lenses, ask your doctor if daily disposable contact lenses are an option for you. 

Are There Disadvantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

The benefits of daily disposable lenses speak for themselves.  But do these lenses come with any drawbacks? These lenses are typically more expensive than two-week or monthly lenses; however, they are more affordable than may be expected.  Remember that your vision insurance can cover a portion of your contact lens supply, and many contact lens manufacturers have rebates to help reduce the cost. Additionally, you’ll save money by eliminating the need for contact lens care products, like solution or contact lenses.