How Eyelid Hygiene Can Help Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

eyelid hygeine meibomian gland dysfunction arid landscape

We know that Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD, can play an undeniable role in dry eye disease and ocular discomfort.  When Meibomian glands are unable to release their lipid-based oils into the tear film, our tears quickly evaporate and our eye is left feeling unnourished and uncomfortable.  Part of guaranteeing that our Meibomian glands are […]

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Kid’s Eye Exams: What You and Your Child Should Expect

child eye exam, kids eye exam, glasses children

Children’s eye exams are so much more than determining whether or not a child has 20/20 vision.  They are a crucial part of protecting the ocular health of our children’s eyes, as well as promoting learning and development.  Comprehensive eye evaluations for children go beyond determining whether or not glasses are needed; instead they extensively […]

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Your Guide to Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

daily disposable contact lenses dry eye

Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for visual correction.  Whether making the switch from glasses or from other types of contact lenses, many people have found that the convenience and health benefits of single-use contact lenses make them an appealing option.  What is it about these contact lenses that make them […]

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Prescription Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

prescription eye drops for dry eyes

As we’ve already covered, there are many different treatment options for dry eye disease, ranging from artificial tears to punctal plugs.  One very important treatment approach for moderate to severe dry eye disease is prescriptions eye drops, including long-term options like Xiidra and Restasis, or short-term approaches such as topical steroid eye drops.  The approach […]

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Scleral Contact Lenses: An Option for Dry Eye and More

scleral contact lenses

Specially-designed contact lenses allow a wide range of individuals to have clear and comfortable vision, even if they were previously unsuccessful in contact lenses.  The newest specialty lenses are called scleral lenses; these lenses have quickly become a popular development among eye care professionals due to their unique design and ability to provide comfortable vision […]

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